Isha Talks

Join us every night after Isha for our Short Spiritual Reminders to keep you on a spiritual high throughout the week!

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Monthly Youth Retreat

We want you to know that our youth are welcome here at ICCL. Join Br. Moiz once a month for a Youth Retreat where we will explore opportunities for Activism in our local DFW metroplex.

There are many wonderful organizations and charities in the area that our youth can benefit from. Community Activism and Awareness is key in our current climate here in America. Now is the time, more than ever for our youth to become engaged and educated in our communities.

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Weekly Qur’an School Program

Sign your kids up for our weekly Qur’an program offered by ICCL.

Have your kids connect with the Word of Allah SWT by learning how to read and recite the Book of Allah SWT in the proper manner.

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